The Muriwai Gallery Project

Muriwai is home to many of Auckland’s and the nation’s top creatives, artists and artisans. Local photographer and businessman, Laird McKechnie, is committed to creating a world-class gallery to curate, promote, exhibit and retail locally created art. 

Muriwai has 100+ artists with nowhere to exhibit

Muriwai is home to over 100 artists, creatives and artisans

Over 1.3 million people visit Muriwai every year

Muriwai has no gallery to curate, promote, exhibit or sell locally created art and artisanal work


Lost revenue for local artists

Lost tourism opportunities

Lost economic development opportunities.


Establish Glide- a world-class gallery and focal point for curating, promoting, exhibiting and retailing art works produced by Muriwai artists.

Glide will be advised by a steering group of local artists who will lead curation and guide operations.

Glide will operate as a social enterprise. Profits will be invested in growing Glide and to the local arts community.

Glide has three core revenue streams to support its establishment and operations.

•External funding and investment from private investors and public funders

•Exhibitions and Events fees and sponsorship

•Commission and fees from retail sales and brokerage services


Glide’s preferred modus operandi is to collaborate whenever possible to make Muriwai and the South Kaipara a destination for artists and art lovers alike

Accordingly, any arts-related entity or initiative in the area is a potential collaborator

Key potential non-arts collaborators include

•Northwest District Business Association

•Muriwai Surf Club

•Nga MaungaWhakahiio Kaipara Development Trust

•Muriwai Golf Club.


We would love to hear from Artists, Residents, who would like to participate and support this venture.

Send us an email to either confirm your support as an artist, supporter, would like to be a part of the team in making this happen or all of the above.

we look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Laird